imalat-yontemlerimizTaking into consideration factors such as the technical specifications, cost advantages etc. of the product designed in composite production, it is very important to determine the production method which meets the requirement.
The correct production method or correct application of the determined production method directly affects the result.

Together with technical and scientific data, these processes that require experience and professionalism may be applied in many different ways. Besides, in some production phases, a hybrid process may be used via implementing more than one production method.

Our commonly used production methods and techniques are as follows:

2857737In this method; the fiberglass and polyester chosen according to the features of the product to be produced are gathered together by hand on the resin mold.
It is preferred in production of big pieces, surfaces with inversions that cannot be produced by machine. Glass mat of different specifications is used for increasing the resistance (such as kortel, fiber, weave, coremat, multi-axial fabrics).
Each phase is completed by hand workmanship. It is a production method that requires effort.

715085It is a methods that enables to apply the hand laying method faster. During production, the cord made of polyester and fiberglass is blasted on the mould using a special machine. The cord made of fiberglass is used by trimming into 17-50mm long pieces during the blasting procedure. During blasting, hand laying method may be used and it may be supported by glass mats of various specifications.

5420836Two different moulds which are male and female are used in this production method in order to obtain a product of which both surfaces are smooth. The special glass mat produced for resin injection is placed on the mould. The production is completed by injecting into the mould from the resin injection point convenient for this production. It is preferred in the mass production.