ctp-kompozit-avantajlariThe plastic material reinforced with fiberglass, ‘’Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP’’ reflects its features as advantages as well.

Some expectations shine out from the composite material in application areas. FRP meets almost all of these expectations by means of the FRP outstanding composite features.

The outstanding expectations and advantages are as follows:

  • Lightness:  Polymer composites with 1,5-2 gr/cm3 unit range are at least 2-3 times more advantageous comparing to metals.
  • Stability:Composites are very low in terms of expansion factors and are strong and durable enough to resist all environmental pressures. The dimensional stability it puts forth is another reason to prefer it.
  • Durability:The high durability values of the FRP composite material meet the expectations and provide inspiration for designs. Its durability against impacts, pressure and deflections is very convenient in terms of mechanical values.
  • Flexibility: You may realize designs that cannot be limited with your imagination using FRP composite. Its flexible structure is advantageous since it may get into any form.
  • Chemical Resistance:One of the most important advantages of the composites is the high resistance capacity against many chemical substances. Almost all acids, alkaline or solvents are not problem for the composite material. Thanks to this feature, the composites are also resistible against open air conditions which are another risk and only this feature is an important reason for preference.
  • Thermal Resistance:The thermal resistance of the plastic is very low but when it is transformed into FRP composite material, its thermal resistance increases unbelievably.
  • Electrical Feature: A composite material may be used as a conductor or an insulator if necessary. It becomes an insulator when it is formed with metal matrix components as per the need.
  • Corrosion Resistance:Another feature of the composites is their resistance to corrosion. The composite materials never rust or corrode. It is fully resistant against many chemical and thermal risks.
  • Cost:One of the most important advantages is that the cost of composite materials is much less for many reasons. Since the materials used in molding methods are much cheaper, they require less maintenance comparing to other products, they put forth fast and easy results and are very convenient in terms of raw materials, FRP composite materials are indispensable when it comes to getting the best results with the least amount of costs.
  • The above mentioned advantages are also improving rapidly since the composite technologies are constantly improving and very successful applications are being realized in the recent years.It is not surprising that it is the first material which comes to mind in designing a product due to these and similar reasons. Today many sectors benefit from the outstanding features of FRP composite materials for hundreds of products.
This is a reality, not a coincidence.