Although the history of composite material use is very old, it entered into our lives as an industry in the beginning of the 1940s.

Use of multi-component material has been realized after making the materials available in the nature more functional.

In ancient times, people used to reinforce the fragile materials with vegetable or animal fibers and accordingly succeeded in preventing fragility. For example, while producing mud bricks, they reinforced the lute with straw or vine fibers.

ctp cam elyaf lifiThe use of fiberglass is also not so recent. The thin fiberglass was produced and used for various purposes in ancient Egypt in B.C. 1600.
But, the use of fiberglass in the modern industry has started since 1877. Today, the most common ones are polyester composites reinforced with fiberglass.
In the middle of the 1950s, synthetic resins reinforced with these fibers were used industrially. The most well-known group of this material is called FRP ‘’Fiberglass reinforced Plastic’’ in our country. It is also known as fiberglass colloquially.
It has been used in areas such as production of liquid storages, roof sheets, and small size sea boats in our country since the beginning of 1960s.
By the increase of technological and industrial developments in the recent years and increase of expectations in parallel, the use of FRP became widespread, moreover, indispensable.

An alternative which is as special as it has not been explored yet …