Our story has begun in 1974 with  our founder Ataman Arsoy’s initiate  attempt in composite material production as a pioneer in Turkiye Industry.

Then after, in  1977, Ataman Arsoy had started the production of the largest boat with fiberglass edge and the first fiberglass speed boat in Turkiye with %100 domestic capital.

Following the developments in Turkiye Industry, in 1981,  building  up a cooperation with one of the world  leader company in the field Merley’s representative  in Turkiye Alarko,  the production of  fiberglass Water Cooling Fan and the equipment had started.  Since then, we realized to meet  %90 of  the demand in Turkiye Industry  with our important contracting companies.

Now on, since 2001, We are realizing the projects of very important and arbiter companies in the international sector.

The exported product of our company are being used in the plants of our customers all over the World.

Beside our expertise sector of production Water Cooling Towers, we also give service in many sectors such as advertisement, environmental technologies, construction etc.