FRP is a marvel in engineering which is a glass fiber material enforced with the elasticity of plastic
The supremacy of these two materials has been involved into our daily life in many fields. These two composite materials has shown their advantageous capacity in several sectors. The material cleared the way of engineering with its unprecedented factors such as durability, light and flexible.

In todays world, industrial organizations, engineers and designers evaluate different criteria’s to find best solutions to the problems. Considering, production technologies for durable, light, flexible products, the production should be economical as well. In this frame; to realize the demand; finding the proper raw material is very essential for fast and effective production., FRP has shown up its high performance capacity during this inquiry.

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Its unprecedented properties are coming from the composite feature. While both light, flexible and malleable plastic component and strong, durable glass fiber component remain their features, their composite form become more equipped. The material also plays high performance against corrosion and very durable. It is also very robust to out impacts , chemical reactions and different air weather conditions.

Composite material can also be reformed to conductive, non-conductive or colored material by mixing other elements.

Comparing FRP with metal alloy, it has all the positive factors of metal alloy while being excused of negative impacts including production costs.

Since FRP does not have any disadvantage in production it is being used in several sectors

You can see the trace of the material in several industries such as automotive, marine, aircraft, construction and even in defense industry